Joscelyn's Story

Joscelyn Bolainez McKinney graduated from Easton High School in 2012. After interning with Dr. Margret Quimby her senior year Joscelyn enrolled in the pre-dental hygiene program at Chesapeake College. After 3 semesters of an extra heavy course load and waitressing she was accepted into the Community College of Baltimore County dental hygiene program. This is a competitive program based on grades and resume, only 40 students are accepted. Two years and 54 credits later, Joscelyn graduated from CCBC with a dental hygiene degree and the school award for best clinical hygienist. She passed her National and State Board exams and is fully licensed. She has no student debt and would like to eventually attain a BS degree. Children’s Home Foundation was pleased to be able to support her throughout her schooling and accreditation.